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Healthy Accounting... CFO and Bookkeeping for Micro-sized Businesses

Our focus is On...


Your Company

We work to understand your business, not just your books.


Accuracy and Organization

Your books will be accurate and organized so you can make prompt and confident decisions.


Being Affordable and Flexible

We offer affordable packages to fit your current business needs.​

Our Specialties

We provide accounting services that are essential for you to make healthy and wise business decisions throughout the year and during tax season


Accurate bookkeeping is the lifeline to your business finances. We specialize in organized and accurate bookkeeping.


Financial Statements

These show the history and current financial state of your business. We teach you to understand what they are saying.



A planning tool to help you foresee the financial goals for your business. We create it and show you how to stay on track.


Cash Flow Forecasting

We show you this forecasting tool to help you visualize how much cash you need to achieve your goals and desires.


Business Strategy

We partner with you to give an outside perspective. We also assist you with thinking of revenue generating or expense reduction strategies that you can execute.


Quickbooks Support

We can train you to use your software the way it is designed to be used and to accomplish what you need.

Get A Healthy Business Now

About Us

According to ¹ good health means not only the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.  How about if we relate good health (healthy) to your company books?  Do you know what is financially going on with your company?  Do you know if you can survive and bounce back from an unexpected event?  Have you prepared financially for that goal you thought up earlier this year?

Healthy Accounting was created because I was tired of seeing businesses only focus on their taxes.  Please don’t get me wrong, taxes are important and need focus.  What small businesses tend to leave out or do half-way are the essential accounting elements.  These consist of organized and accurate bookkeeping, understandable financial statements, a planned budget, and to forecast what kind of cash flow you need.  Essential accounting items have to be in place or you risk not only incorrect taxes, but also losing your business or falling short on your goals.  

I see many start ups and small businesses try to cut corners because they think they don’t have time or can’t afford our specialties.  This is where Healthy Accounting fits perfectly.    We’ll design a perfect package that solves the needs you have and fits in your budget.  Then when you grow, we’ll grow with you and fit the new needs.   


Our Team

Tricia Seil, Accountant and Owner

It’s important to know and trust someone that is working with your business finances – so here is a little bit about me and my team.

I chose accounting because I love seeing businesses organized, balanced, and thriving no matter what size they are. My education consists of a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Bachelors degree in Accounting.  Before starting Healthy Accounting LLC, I worked a few years in accounts payable, 10 years as a staff accountant in a public accounting firm, and spent 7 years as a controller of a private manufacturing plant.

I want Healthy Accounting to be more than a bookkeeping company. We want to bring CFO strategy to your business to help you look forward and achieve your goals.

Bonnie G, Accounting Team Member

I have 30+ years in bookkeeping and accounting related duties. For the past 7 years I have been working full time as an accounting assistant for a glass manufacturer. Prior to that, I was the office manager for 13 years for a lighting manufacturer. I love working in accounting and related jobs because I love the attention to detail and providing accurate and complete records. Personally, I love camping with my family, watching Survivor, attending church and volunteering with a local food ministry.

Keegan H, Accounting Team Member

I am a 2022 graduate of Derry Area High School located in Derry, PA. I currently reside in Conway, SC while attending Coastal Carolina University. I have worked for Healthy Accounting for a little over a year and plan to continue to do so after graduation. My love for accounting began in my freshman year of high school, Accounting I. My teacher made the class fun and enjoyable. Numbers have always been easy to me, but it wasn’t until my Accounting I class that I realized that numbers would be part of my future.

Haleigh F, Administrative Assistant Team Member

I am currently attending St. Vincent’s College and working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. When I graduate I hope to have a career in therapy.


See what clients are saying

Support and Confidence

I am not a numbers person. Math terrifies me.
So much so, that I have put my business dreams on hold for many many years.

Tricia, with Healthy Accounting has encouraged me and my dreams by introducing me to Quick Books. The ap on my phone has been such a blessing. It's so easy and even fun to use. Even better than Quick Books, has been the support and confidence Healthy Accounting has extended to me. Tricia is available for questions and concerns but more importantly, her assurance that she believes in you.

Numbers aren't so scary to me any longer thanks to Healthy Accounting and Tricia's assistance.

Kathy Swanson

Pixie Dust Originals Etsy shop owner

Healthy Accounting LLC

Kathy Swanson

Pixie Dust Originals Etsy shop owner


A Perfect Match

Shortly after opening our studio in Greensburg, Tricia reached out to us to see if we needed accounting help. As it happened, she heard of us because she had worked in the very building we purchased for our studio. We were, indeed, looking for an accountant.

Tricia met with us and reviewed her financial philosophy and it turned out we held similar views, both financially and spiritually. We could not yet afford full time services so she worked with us to develop services specific to our needs.

She has not only done our accounting, but has also been a friend and support for our business. She’s brought business ideas and suggestions to help us with our growth as well.
There is no doubt that God sent Tricia to us when we needed each other. I’m excited to see her business grow.

Sharon Bratton

12th Octave

Healthy Accounting LLC

Sharon Bratton

12th Octave

Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme

Thorough, Detail-Oriented, Effective and Efficient

I have found Healthy Accounting and Tricia to be thorough, detail-oriented, effective and efficient.  Tricia asks the right questions to make sure her work product is accurate and satisfactory to the client.

Timothy Fedele, Esq

Healthy Accounting LLC

Timothy Fedele, Esq

Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme
Healthy Accounting LLC

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