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Adding employees can be very time consuming and hard to get the right fit.  First you have to find someone that you think will fit your culture and your needs.  Then you fill out paperwork for them, set up payroll processing, pay them, provide benefits in some cases and manage them.  If you are a small business that is a lot to take on.  

Some accounting firms do offer bookkeeping but many times you are paying a higher price for less one- on- one detailed service and/or more overhead.  

With Healthy Accounting you have flexibility.  We  focus on your direct needs at the time.   We shape a package to fit your budget.  We grow as you grow.  We are here for the details of your business.  We partner with a tax accountant to focus on the taxes.

If you have accounting software I can usually work with what you use. Due to my accounting experience I have worked on packages such as Sage and Quickbooks so I can usually understand what needs done. If it is a package I have not worked with we can discuss if it will work moving forward.

If you do not have software I can offer Quickbooks online as part of your package price.

No, I have my own business and therefore am treated as an independent contractor.  An independent contractor receives no company benefits and you do not pay payroll taxes for me.  I am contracted depending on the services we agree to.

So many people ask me if I do taxes, and I have in the past-in my accounting firm days.  Healthy Accounting was formed so I could focus just on the foundational and essential aspects of bookkeeping, financial statements, budgets, and cashflow analysis.  You may wonder why.  It’s because I love being in the inner systems of the body of the business. I want to have these aspects right and make sense to you so you can understand the finances of your business.  With quality essential accounting you will make great decisions on how to prepare for the unexpected and for the goals you want to reach.    When these aspects are accurate your company moves much smoother and it’s very clear for your tax accountant.  

I do not have any tax preparers in my company but I work with many.  If you have one I will be happy to reach out to them if needed and I’ll have documents ready for them to use for your taxes. 

If you do not have a tax preparer I have many that I can refer you to.  I usually refer you to 2 or 3 so you can have an initial meeting with them and decide who you work with best.

As part of your package we will both sign a Service Agreement.  This is just so we are on the same page of what work is to be done and the expectations of both parties.

In many cases you do not need a CPA.   I chose to stay an accountant because I love doing the accounting work.  In my experience I saw many CPAs stuck in a position of reviewing what an accountant did, or completing audits.  I want to be involved in the details of your business.  

I will prepare your books or work with you so they are ready for tax time.  This will include internal financial statements which is what you need for tax time.  I can also work with you on a budget and cash flow analysis. A CPA can also do this for you but they are going to be much more expensive and they don’t usually work on these types of items for start up and smaller companies.

If you need an audit-don’t hurry to take it to an accounting firm right away.  An audit requires clean books and that is the first foundational aspect I provide (organized and accurate bookkeeping.)  I can get your books ready to be audited at a much lower cost then an accounting firm will charge.

Absolutely!  I am here to help you and be an outside set of eyes and ears.  In the end you are in charge of the decision and the execution of moving your business forward.

Since I have been in the industry for approximately 20 years I have a large network to refer you to. Often I will give you multiple names of people I trust because I want you to decide who you feel most comfortable with.  My network includes:

Investment Management

Succession Planners

Commercial Lending

Real Estate Agents

CPAs/Tax Accountants/Audit Services

You do not have to purchase package of accounting services.  An hourly rate can be assigned.  The package is designed to give you many services at a budgeted amount.  

Healthy Accounting LLC